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      Each Personal Training Client Receives

  • Custom Nutritional Plan

  • Customized Workout Plan

  • ONE-ON-ONE Personal Training Sessions

  • Fresh NEW workouts each session

  • ACCOUNTABILITY FACTOR! Discuss training, questions, modifications, & be pushed harder!

  • FREE initial and continuing reassessments to track your progress


• Before/After Pictures

• Measurements

• Body-fat %

• Composition Analysis

Working from Home

Life and Mindset Coaching and Mentorship

Can meet in person or video chat. Sessions are once per week. You are provided support and accountability based on your goals and your needs. I provide weekly challenges to keep momentum between sessions. I can also provide nutritional plans and workout plans congruent to mindset and accountability development.


Nutritional and Workout Package

A customized workout plan based on the equipment you have available to you in your home gym (wherever

that may be). This workout plan will provide exercises based on your level of fitness, equipment restrictions,

physical restrictions, and goals.


This is progression based. Each month you will get new workouts that bring you to another level of fitness and bring new dimensions to your development. Paired with a personalized nutritional plan that works to ensure you get the results you want.


You will receive a weekly phone call to discuss questions, concerns and address any adjustments.

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Custom Nutrition Package

Get a personalized, progressive nutrition plan based on your likes, dislikes, dietary restrictions, schedule, and lifestyle.

Includes options, suggestions for alternatives, as well as text support for times you are away for a meal, out of town, questions about grocery shopping, or other questions in regards to your plan.

Working from Home



Get a 60-minute workout geared specifically to your goals and level of fitness.

Organic Vegetables

My programs are based on a REALISTIC NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED meal plan that is non-restrictive and provides a lot of

food and options.


The nutrition is designed to reprogram your metabolism. We often under eat to keep up with a slowing metabolism. We need sufficient micro and macro nutrients to support LEAN MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT while also DROPPING BODY FAT at the same time.

The exercises provide correct muscle balance and timing to ensure safe development as well as developing a WELL ROUNDED FITNESS level that fit the goals you have.

Sessions are designed to address and

strengthen different muscle groups to

prevent over training and injury.


You cannot build a strong and fit body without the proper timing and balance of the right kind of foods. Make sure you get both on the right track to GET THE BEST RESULTS.