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Benefits of having a Life Coach and Mentor

As life presents us with inevitable obstacles, it can be helpful to have someone with a perspective outside the box of our own understanding. As a coach/ mentor, I am able to use insight and feedback to offer new views on the challenges life often throws at us.

Whether it be navigating relationships, career changes, educational pursuits, health and fitness goals, nutrition struggles, or simply making sense of life’s challenges, a mentor is a non-biased friend that is able to help you along the way.

My passion is to empower, encourage, and challenge you to develop a plan, and execute the steps to hit new goals. I do this by inspiring clients to realize their highest potential through a plan that is tailored to their own specific needs. I strongly believe we all have the power within us to achieve the things that make our heart race. Sometimes it takes another person to see things we don’t... These could be things that are unknowingly sabotaging our success, or things we don't see right in front of/within us to recognize our own strength. Whether it's optimizing relationships in all aspects of life, starting a new business, becoming more spiritually grounded, or stepping

into who you are meant to be - the goal is to grow into a more mindful individual. This will lead us to understand ourselves in order to understand each other and live a rewarding life. Often it is our own mindset that is keeping us from realizing our immense potential.

It can be tough and overwhelming to lay down the plan step by step without a non-biased friend alongside of us to guide and redirect. A coach/ mentor is the perfect solution.


I offer in person (if in the Austin area), phone, or video meetings. Frequency can range from twice a week to once a week, depending on situation and need.  Take the first step in rediscovering your purpose and making significant changes in your life. Contact me to apply for your free consultation so we can create a plan for you.

"I have personally had the opportunity to work with Heather over the last year and some months. Heather has coached me through many life changes - getting married, buying my home, and getting promoted three times. The return on investment is WORTH IT! She is patient, remembers everything, and provides me insight on things I cannot normally see. Heather gives me immense clarity when my mind is foggy. We set concrete goals with realistic expectations.  She even helps me navigate the set-backs and adversity I face. Heather has also guided me through nutrition and weight loss. She keeps me motivated, never gives up on me, and continues to push me through greater heights. Because of her, I have even lost over 10% body fat and feel more like myself every day! Heather is your gal. your limits are all in your mindset - she can open the sky for you!!! I LOVE WORKING WITH HEATHER! You won't regret it!" 

- Azly, Austin, TX

Alexa Young, CA