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Heather Bennett

Do you feel like you were meant for something greater but you don't know what to do and how to achieve it?

Life is filled with a variety of hurdles and challenges that can be hard to navigate

without someone to bring some light

to the situation.

Relationships - Career - Leadership -

Health - Goal Setting - Parenting -

Loss of Focus or Motivation -

Mindset - Accountability -

Time Management - Purpose


Get a new perspective, new ideas, 

a sense of purpose, and real-life

action plans to achieve greater

success in the areas of life

that need to be brought back to life.

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Are you struggling to figure out what direction to go in a career? Do you feel like you're meant for something that brings you more peace, pleasure, and purpose? What are you meant to do? It is my joy and passion to help cultivate new ideas  and ways to pursue what makes you truly happy along with ways to make it successful, to help you stay on task and make those big goals a reality. As a natural problem-solver I can help you break through those barriers and to see the bigger picture and potential of what you can offer and the success you can achieve!


1-on-1 Life Coaching
Nutrition and Fitness Coaching
Corporate or Event Speaking


-A new perspective with real-life application

-Improve your confidence, relationships, and career all in one place.

-Tools and "homework" you can use to see real progress and success

"I have personally had the opportunity to work with Heather over the last year and some months. Heather has coached me through many life changes - getting married, buying my home, and getting promoted three times. The return on investment is WORTH IT! She is patient, remembers everything, and provides me insight on things I cannot normally see. Heather gives me immense clarity when my mind is foggy. We set concrete goals with realistic expectations. She even helps me navigate the setbacks and adversity I face. Heather has also guided me through nutrition and weight loss. She keeps me motivated, never gives up on me, and continues to push me to greater heights. Because of her I have even lost over 10% body fat and feel more like myself every day! Heather is your gal. Your limits are all in your mindset! She can open the sky for you! I love working with Heather! You won't regret it!"  Ashley,  TX
"Heather has been an important part of my journey to push through some personal difficulties and setbacks into some new habits and a new, more positive mindset. She is kind, compassionate, and creative in her approach. This isn't just a job for her...I felt truly cared for!" Gretchen, WA
"Heather is a wonderful life coach. She is very encouraging and kind.  You won't go wrong with choosing Heather as your life coach" Emma, VA
"Just started. I'm so excited to get my life back on track. Great personality! She is driven to help. She is compassionate. She cares. She listens. And she gives me homework which I love!" Rebekah, NY
"Heather is awesome! She provides a lot of useful tools and doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to her advice.  She has assisted me in developing more meaningful relationships, increasing productivity/processing skills, and managing time effectively and transferring job expectations after a promotion. She is definitely worth it if you are looking for a life coach" Adam, TX
"Very positive and informative! I am relearning to live physically and mentally!" Kevin, NM
"I am grateful for my wonderful and amazing life coach, Heather.  She has helped me to see the strengths I have within my spirit and has helped me to create positive neuropathways; Creative, active, and educationally.  Heather is such a kindhearted person with a passionate loving soul, thank you universe for bringing her into my life."
Alejandro, VT

With Life Coach Heather Bennett’s insight and expert guidance, I explored an array of life-enhancing topics, many of which I’ve permanently applied to my life. Her unending enthusiasm, support, and pertinent resources motivated me to not only meet her weekly assignments but to exceed them. Hands

down, I recommend Heather Bennett for those seeking to excel in their life’s purpose and goals.

Ruth, AZ

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